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Nursing – the highest quality professional nursing care is one of the most important services EDEN offers. These services, provided by our own registered nursing staff, are a key element of the care we provide to many of our clients. These services are especially appropriate in helping someone recover from an illness or accident, or whenever medical conditions require the supervision of a skilled nurse. Nurses are educated to understand and treat the often complex physical and mental health needs of their clients. They try to help their patients protect their health and cope with changes in their mental and physical abilities, so their clients can stay independent and active as long as possible

Home health aides – Home health aides are specially trained certified nurse aides who work under the supervision of a registered nurse. They help with personal care services such as bathing, hair and skin care, ambulation, laundry, meal preparation and light housekeeping. They are also trained to look for potential problems and changes in a client’s condition, and to alert the nurse.

Physical Therapy – EDEN’s Physical Therapists are a highly trained specialist that can evaluate the needs of our clients and develop appropriate rehabilitation programs and therapies to allow them maximum independence and the highest possible quality of life. This service also requires specialists with advanced training in rehabilitation. Many clients find these services to be an essential part of returning to, and maintaining, as productive a life as possible.

Occupational Therapy – EDEN’s occupational ththerapists’ staff are highly trained professionals, helping clients regain and maintain productive daily living & workplace skills. “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTs play a key roll in understanding behavior & finding ways to intervene that help their clients maintain dignity, participation & a sense of purpose, regardless of mental status” -Scott & Mahaffey

Homemaking – These popular services can include whatever you or your family member need to keep a home running effectively: cleaning, cooking doing, laundry, feeding pets, shopping, running errands.

Personal Care – our personal care providers know what a difference it can make to feel well groomed and attractive. Personal care services, which include help with bathing, dressing, washing hair, putting on makeup, and other personal grooming, are accomplished with their trained, caring help.

Respite Care – This valuable service is designed to give a break to people who provide home care for a loved one. Whether it’s just to go shopping or to lunch, or to take a day or a week off, our staff is prepared to fill in for you, so you can enjoy a needed rest from your responsibilities. At the same time, you’ll rest easy knowing that your loved one is under the care of professionals you can trust.

Speech/Language Pathology Services – EDEN’s speech therapist’s help patients of all ages cope with and recover from speech, language and swallowing disorders. Our courteous and professional speech therapists work with patients and caregivers to improve swallowing techniques and communication skills such as speech and non-verbal communication such as reading and writing, facial expression, gestures and sign language. Our goal is to teach skills and techniques that enhance the patient’s skills even after speech therapy is complete.