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Barb and Meg

My client Barbara loves the care Sunila, Gail, and Ami provide , they not only care but they ensure safety of their patients and truly truly build a relationship with them. They make you feel comfortable and ensure you that everything they do for you will work! The anodyne Mire machine is doing wonders for Barbara, when she stopped using it she could see the difference, the pain in her feet returned . If you are diabetic this machine will do wonders for you , nothing but love from Barbara and I !!!!

Dave Tasto

Sunila and Ami truly care and will ensure you or your loved ones get the best care! I will send my family and friends to Eden!

Lorraine Casey

I was so happy and impressed with the care and services I received from Ami/nurse and Sunila/therapist. The time spent with them improved my recovery and well being. They truly cared about me! They also checked in on my via text/telephone when I came down with the flu. They made my transition to out patient therapy successful. I will recommend Eden Home Health to all.